Vis id minim dicant sensibus.

The word Ochoco (O chuhk oh) comes from the Central Oregon Paiute people who first populated the area surrounding the town of Prineville Oregon.

Ochoco Arms was formed in the summer of 2012 in Prineville Oregon. Sam Lambert had been envisioning a more effective shotgun laser for years, but it wasn’t until he and Dennis Doherty began discussing that the idea at a family bbq that the idea officially began forming.

Sam grew up as a sportsmen. From the age of four, Sam had been taught the to respect firearms. Learning from the examples of sportsmen like his father Greg and Grandfather Don Smith who was a world renown big game trophy hunter. Over the years, Sam’s experience with firearms, hunting, and the outdoors grew into a passion that has shaped his life including the development of the OA Hotzone by OA Tactical.

A professionally trained Paramedic, Dennis Doherty has spent his whole life tinkering and inventing. In late 1970’s Dennis developed and designed the internationally sold GloveButler. His unique vision and ability to for develop ideas into products allowed Sam and him to craft a discussion to develop a revolutionary product.

Shortly after their initial talks, Sam and Dennis brought in family members Greg Lambert and Madison Doherty to round out the team. A graduate of the University of Washington with a BS in Political Science, Madison brings an understanding of government and international relations along with a creative entrepreneurial mindset. Madison also has been creating websites, videos, marketing material and marketing strategies for existing and startup companies.

With over 30 years of experience, Greg Lambert brings his knowledge of business to Ochoco Arms. As the owner of Mid Oregon Personnel in Central Oregon, Greg has assisted Central Oregon businesses with their staffing and human resource needs. Greg also helped to develop the entrepreneurial and business environment in Central Oregon by representing Crook County on the board of directors for EDCO (Economic Development for Central Oregon) he also serving a term as president for EDCO along with volunteers for many business and community-based programs.

Shortly after forming the company, Ochoco Arms filed for and received its first patent for a multi-laser sighting system. In the fall of 2013 Ochoco Arms entered the Bend Venture Conference competition. CEO Sam Lambert’s three-minute pitch won over 420 investors in the audience and was named the Bend Broadband Concept Stage 2013 winner.

Ochoco Arms’ next step was to begin development of the OA Hotzone. In December of 2013 Ochoco Arms approached Corbett Engineering, LLC to engineer the device. Tatiana Whitlock of Aduro Design, LLC designed the aesthetic and functionally of the OA Hotzone. An NRA Women’s representative, shooting instructor, and outdoor enthusiastic, Tatiana was able to provide a unique approach and incredible experience to the design of the product.